Comment on Insurance

Insurance is only one of several financial tools available to pay for medical and dental services.  There are other tools like health savings accounts.  Healthcare is a unique service that does not operate like standard business models.  Be aware that prices of services or product are set at cost of operating the business and rate of inflation as other businesses do.  As labor cost go up, so do the cost of the services.  However, the unique dental needs of each patient requires individual treatment that does not always fall within an insurance companies policies.  That is when insurance companies may say that we, as doctors, overcharge for services.  These insurance companies are attempting to make a profit for their shareholders.   I try to keep fees as reasonable as possible to continue to operate for our community.  Thank you..  

Update 11/23/18

Recent changes in Tricare allow for more competition in markets.  When deciding on a dental plan, be more concerned about Maximum yearly benefit (how much the plan pays for a year of work).  The old standard plans have $1000 a yr. (set up in 1970 cost) which does not cover enough now since all major work (varying fillings, crowns and dentures) covers only 50% of the price.  New plans are out with higher yearly benefits.  Also, most plans now are making patients pay for any work above preventive care (cleanings and exam) and it does not matter whether you are in network or not.  So do not worry about being in network since you will pay some portion of your care out of pocket.

Update 12/2019

In an effort to help those without insurance or losing it, I am offering an in-office prepaid preventive agreement.  This agreement is not insurance, but an agreement between patient and me.  I provide two cleaning, exams, and set of xrays for one price over a year period plus discounted restorative services as needed in that year.  Pricing is as competitive as dental insurance without the paperwork or hassle of policy restrictions. Please call for more information.