About me

I graduated from University of Tennessee-Memphis in 1998. I worked with my father at his office, then started my own practice in growing area of Nolensville. My father practiced in the Antioch/Bell Road area for over 35 years.  He is retired now.  I have worked hard to uphold quality care and provide for dental needs of the town of Nolensville and surrounding area for the past 20 years. I am active in the Tennessee Dental Association and American Dental Association.  I have served the association as Peer Review/mediation chairperson for ten+ years in effort to resolve conflict and promote ethical dentistry in the state.  In 2017, I was inducted into the American College of Dentist for my support of quality dental service and its ethical application to society and its future.

My philosophy over dental care is providing conservative treatment to restore and maintain oral health over the life of the patient as he/she values as healthy.  Patient has to decide what they want.  Meaning, that I don’t jump into dental work until patient knows what they are getting and what they want. There is no high-pressure sales tactics used here.  Dentistry is design art.  It takes time to make and restore a mouth to working order. Unlike corporate dentistry, I am not rushing to fulfill extensive treatment plans or make production quotas like Aspen and corporate offices. For further help and education on dentistry, please visit the website www.ada.org.

Thank you.